How to setup UM-Switcher

1 - How to install um-switcher.

Before installing UM-Switcher, make sure you have installed and activated Ultimate Member and Woocommerce. You have two options to upload the UM-Switcher plugin:

  • Upload unzipped UM-Switcher via FTP to wp-content/plugins.
  • Upload zipped UM-Switcher via Add Plugin Feature.

2 - Setup Ultimate member profile fields

Create an Ultimate Member profile and set Restricted Profile fields like ‘contact details’ via Privacy selection. Hit: only specific member roles, and enter the community role ‘active client’.

3 - Create your um-switcher product

Go to Woocommerce/products/add new product, and select UM-Switcher Product via the Product Data drop down. Fill in all necessary fields, and select ‘Send a Reminder’ if you also want to send e-mail reminders. Then hit save.

4 - Create a Cronjob

  • Fill in the server settings at the Cronjob settings.
  • Go to your hosting panel and create a suitable cronjob.

You can set an interval as low as one minute, but you should consider a reasonable value of 5-15 minutes as well.

If you need help setting up a cron job, please check the documentation that your hosting provider offers.

5 - Create Ultimate Member on-hold role

This version requires a default custom role for on-hold. Please see attached screenshot. This is the area where you’re able to set a limit to your member, and assign only specific functions that they can access while their order status is on-hold. This is only for via bank, cash etc. though.